Update! Spriggan Mk2 & Bazaru.

Time to update this blog to reflect some of the new projects I’m working on!

I’m currently, slowly, juggling two projects, Spriggan Mk2 & Bazaru De Gozaru No Game De Gozaru, both on the Turbografx-CD.

Spriggan Mk2


 I’m working with tomaitheous and SamIAm on their Spriggan Mk2 English translation project. I offered to lend a hand by directing the dubbing aspect of the project.

Spriggan Mk2 is a great side scrolling shooter made by Compile. The game has a nice Macross/Gundam vibe and allot more focus on story then most shooters of its time. The game’s manual describes it as “Dramatic Shooting”.

I hope to get this dubbing project moving more soon. However, tomaitheous, the project leader, seems to have gone on hiatus, so there really isn’t much I can do till he makes his return.

Though I have read SamIAm’s translated script and its turning out really well!

Bazaru De Gozaru No Game De Gozaru


Here’s a smaller translation project that I’m working on with SamIAm.

“Bazaru De Gozaru No Game De Gozaru” is a puzzle game made by Game Freak where you must subliminally guide a monkey across obstacles to reach its goal. Its a fun game, with some really charming sprite work. All in and all something that’s fun to work with.

Dave Shadoff was originally working on this game back in 2004 – 2005, though stopped for reasons unknown. He was nice enough to send me what he had completed during that time frame, so I can just pick up where he left off. Big hats off to Dave for doing this!

SamIAm is now doing the translation for this project. Though sadly the translation is moving very slow because of other, bigger, projects he has / real life. In the mean time you can check out some early WIP screenshots below.


That’s about it! Hope 2013 will be the year these projects start to evolve and preferably finished!


-Burnt Lasagna


Welcome to Burnt Projects!

Welcome to Burnt Projects! This is a small blog that I’ll be using to manage and update my ROM hacking projects. There’s a projects section that will house any finished translation patches.  Any work in progress patches will be discussed in the actual blog section.

This blog is just starting out, so the look and layout that you see now might change….*might*.

– Burnt Lasagna