Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys

English Dub Patch v1.1
Art by my bro!

Finally! After 8 years, the Ys IV English dub patch is now complete and ready for your TurboGrafx-CD!


This is v1.1 of the Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys English Dub Patch. This patch will dub over everything into English. It requires that you apply it to an ISO/WAV/CUE archive of Ys IV; one that’s preferably patched with NightWolve’s text translation.

How to apply the patch

Place your ISO/WAV/CUE archive, that you should of ripped from TurboRip, (Included with this patch) and place the files in the root of the “Patch” folder.
Start the “Patcher.cmd” to start patching the game. If all goes well you should be greeted with a nice “The patching process is complete!” message.
A backup of the original Japanese tracks will be placed in a new folder called “backup”.If you only have access to a BIN/CUE  rip of Ys IV then please mount it to a virtual drive and rip it to ISO/WAV/CUE using the included TurboRip.

~Note for users with {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P} rips~

There are two different versions of YsIV, version {HCD3051-4-1108-R1F} and {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P}. Both versions are essentially identical; however there are a few extra sectors in some of the audio tracks in version {HCD3051-5-1116-R1P}. This dub was built around {HCD3051-4-1108-R1F} since that is the version I own. When patching the opposite version the TOC will be messed up after patching. This shouldn’t affect the game when being emulated, but it will no longer be recognized as Ys IV. To fix this use the included TocFixer to fix the games TOC.

Ys IV Dub Patch v1.1 (105 MB)

Ys IV Text Patch v.95 (442 KB)

Produced in association with YsUtopia.net 

(Original pcenginefx thread)




EldeelMichael Hillard

Lefance SkyeWelse

GarudaLawrence “MasakoX” Simpson

Grandfather JeffMichael Hillard

LeoJess Ragan

Duren SonicShadows


Goban TovahDanteWahou

GadisJess Ragan

Jess Ragan



Schultz SonicShadows





Keith Fact

Dr. Flair


Dogi Chris Adams

Soldier B Collin Pierce (Arjak)


Lillia – Bassplayerbabe




Dashe Troxon

Lair Haushinka

FeenaDawn “Usamimi” Huestis

Torie Dawn “Usamimi” Huestis

AriaDashe Troxon

Mother Dawn “Usamimi” Huestis

Patch Credits

Director – Michael G. (Burnt Lasagna)
Directed this dub project from start to finish and did all the voice directing/syncing/mixing/ect.

Programming/Tech Support – Nicolas Livaditis (NightWolve)
Made the text patch back in 2004 and found all the ADPCM addresses as well as make a new audio dumper/inserter for the project using SOX. Also helped by answering any technical question I had along the way.

In-Game Textual Translation – Shimarisu

Speech Translator – Deuce


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